Discovering Your Purpose


In my preparation for an upcoming workshop, I came across a diagram that neatly summarizes several considerations to determine a person’s life purpose. These 4 factors combine to help you find your raison d’ĂȘtre or reason for being:
1. What you love doing,
2. What the world needs,
3. What you can be paid for, and
4. What you are good at.

When what you love doing overlaps with what the world needs, you have discovered your life mission. When what the world needs matches what someone will pay for, you have found your vocation. When what you can be paid for coincides with what you are good at, you have identified your profession. When what you are good at overlaps with what you love doing, you have realized your passion. But when all 4 factors converge, you have discovered your purpose. That’s what you are uniquely designed to be and equipped to do. And when you work at that, not only will you be contented, fulfilled, and fully satisfied, you will also be blissful. Isn’t that wonderful!