Discovering Your Purpose


In my preparation for an upcoming workshop, I came across a diagram that neatly summarizes several considerations to determine a person’s life purpose. These 4 factors combine to help you find your raison d’être or reason for being:
1. What you love doing,
2. What the world needs,
3. What you can be paid for, and
4. What you are good at.

When what you love doing overlaps with what the world needs, you have discovered your life mission. When what the world needs matches what someone will pay for, you have found your vocation. When what you can be paid for coincides with what you are good at, you have identified your profession. When what you are good at overlaps with what you love doing, you have realized your passion. But when all 4 factors converge, you have discovered your purpose. That’s what you are uniquely designed to be and equipped to do. And when you work at that, not only will you be contented, fulfilled, and fully satisfied, you will also be blissful. Isn’t that wonderful!

Jesus Loves Chinatown

Jesus loves Chinatown 2

Jesus loves Chinatown 1

Every year the Toronto Short Term Mission Training Center (TSTMTC) hosts a week-long evangelistic event to reach out to various communities in Toronto. Sometimes it is held in a mall to engage the shoppers, but this year and last it is targeted at Chinatown, the oldest Chinese community in Greater Toronto Area.

It is not surprising that many churches, both Caucasian and ethnic, are aging rapidly. With the younger generation staying away from church and the older generation shrinking by attrition, many churches are experiencing a post-80 (80后) or post-90 (90后) drought. Some big churches that used to have a congregation of over 500 have now shrunk to below 200 in attendance, and for some churches the age of the youngest members have climbed to over 60. When a church loses her youth, she loses her future.

To reverse this trend, some tried to break out of their program mode to reach out beyond their four walls. The TSTMTC does a good job assisting church members to overcome their fear of witnessing by providing demonstrations, role-plays, and accompanying them to put what they learned into practice. Too bad some are still stuck in their nearsightedness and not engaged in active evangelism, preferring to stay within their comfort zone and not waking up to the realization that they have been disobedient to the Great Commission. I pray more churches would support mission, both local and beyond, because the alternative is decay and self-destruction. May the Lord help us.

Setting up to do street preaching at corner of Dundas and Spadina

Setting up to do street preaching at corner of Dundas and Spadina

Sharing with pedestrians of all ethnicities

Sharing with pedestrians of all ethnicities